Interview with Kay Fiedler, Director of Admissions at Unity College

Interview with Kay Fiedler, Director of Admissions at Unity College

Kay Fiedler
Director of Admissions, Unity College

1) What kind of students major in Environmental Studies?

Students that want to make a difference in the world, who understand we reside on a fragile planet and seek to be the future stewards of our natural resources.

2) Is the broad and interdisciplinary nature of an Environmental Studies degree too generalized to have useful applications in jobs out in the field? Why or why not?

Not at all! Environmental Studies will provide maximum flexibility that prepares graduates for multiple careers. Since most people change careers more than once during their lifetimes, this degree provides a way to integrate a broad liberal arts and sciences education with independent choices.

3) What kinds of jobs are available to ES graduates? What kinds of companies are specifically looking for ES graduates?

World Wildlife Fund, Environmental Law Institute, New England Congressional Caucus, Sierra Club, Environmental Defense Fund, Society of American Foresters, The Wilderness Society, American Rivers Conservation Council, Friends of the Earth, Clean Air Coalition, National Park Service – to name a few!

4) How can Environmental Studies students gain an edge in the post-graduation job market? What's the best way to land a job with an ES degree?

Doing an internship is a key step in students becoming marketable. Also becoming active in professional organizations while still in college is a key step to getting to know professionals in the Environmental field before graduation. Volunteering with career related organizations whenever possible.

5) Do you have any advice for prospective students entering an Environmental Studies program?

With Environmental Studies, as with any degree program – follow your passions! Figure out what you love and make it your career. I think too often young people think for Environmental projects as only volunteer work, when in fact, it is a wide open and exciting career field.”

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